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New Spring/Summer collection 2020 – Meaningful Life

25 February, 2020

We present our new summer 2020 collection with two new sets that include freehand drawings of whales and imperfect leaves, which have been hand-crafted with 100% organic cotton in order to raise awareness of the need to protect our planet and embrace a more sustainable consumption.

Following the great worldwide movements of 2019 fervently led by the new generations, we transfer these trends onto our prêt-à-porter CHILDCARE and HOME collections. We want to offer families the coolest accessories for babies/children (car seat, pushchair, carrycot, hammock, crib, 90 cm bed, etc..) while taking on the new trends straight from the most prestigious and influential catwalks.

Fun*das bcn* 2020 collection, defined as MEANINGFUL LIFE, embraces the values of the new generations, who are increasingly more aware of the need to guarantee a responsible consumption and our planet’s sustainability. This requires appreciating and taking care of our forests, jungles, oceans and wildlife, and connecting with them from an early age in order to absorb their positive energy and learn from their interactions.

Thanks to the new natural fabrics made of 100% organic cotton and a 100% local and handmade manufacturing in Badalona, we advocate for reducing the water footprint and encouraging consumer awareness, so we can leave a more balanced planet for our little ones and promote an appreciation for nature’s slower rhythms.

One of our core values is our clever functionality that translates into the design and manufacture of tailored covers that follow the latest fashion trends. This way, everybody can customise all the necessary products for their baby (in the car, outdoors and home) according to their style and personality, while adding a unique and exclusive touch!

A perfect mix of design, practicality and immediacy!

At Fun*das bcn we run from all that’s universal. Every season, we design new models for Premium brands of the childcare sector. Moreover, we constantly adapt to the innovations in car seats and buggies in order to achieve very soft and comfortable clothing that fits like a glove.

We listen constantly to our clients in order to ensure continuous improvement of the product catalogue and help families right from the layette preparation, the car trips and the buggy strolls up to the room decoration.

Besides these two new 100% organic cotton collections, we have introduced a new COLOUR BLOCK collection that combines 5 plain colours straight from the ground that contrast in a balanced way: rust, anthracite grey, greyish blue, pale blue and white.

This collection has been tailored using a 100% cotton muslin fabric that adds a very fresh and organic texture. Besides, it’s breathable and delicate, and therefore, skin-friendly for newborns. Muslin is perfect for spring and summer since it’s a light and versatile fabric that keeps them fresh and protected from the airflow at the same time.

A set of three new 100% trendy collections that will win the hearts of the most elegant, modern and design-loving dads, mums and families who want to do their bit to improve the planet by consuming more responsibly.

In this new spring-summer 2020 collection, we present new models for the most Premium car seats in the market, such as TITAN by Maxi-Cosi, TURTLE by Nuna or IZI GO MODULAR X1 I-SIZE by Besafe, a new cover that adapts perfectly well to the bestselling DUALFIX I-SIZE by Britax Römer or a new cover for SIRONA Z I-SIZE by Cybex.

 Regarding the new additions for buggies, we have designed tailored covers to customise the new Bugaboo’s ANT, a new and improved version of the mat for Bugaboo’s BEE 5 and a new mat for Joie’s LITETRAX 4 or for Uppababy’s VISTA Y CRUZ.

Fun*das bcn HOME collection keeps on growing and adding more models and fabric types, such as the new Colour Block muslin collection – a super fresh, natural and versatile fabric for your baby’s moses and crib. There are two super cute details that complete this collection: two mini-cushions that promise to be a bestseller, with dimensions for newborns – one is egg-shaped and the other is a two-toned square cushion. Both aim to avoid reflux when the babies are stretched and decorate all the cribs around the world.

We can’t forget to mention the new collection for dogs and cats – a wide collection of new cotton covers, beds and mattresses for our lovely pets, now also waterproof!




In many cultures, whales are considered a symbol that represents freedom, consciousness and emotional creativity. Their majesty reminds us of nature’s immense power and our meaningless proportion. The symbolism of whales reminds us of how important it is to connect with our emotions in order to better interact with other people and with the world.

In this collection, the hand-drawn white whales highlight the importance of the handcrafted and original work. The soft 100% organic cotton and the unisex greyish blue background have strengthened our original values since 2012.


Inspired by the imperfect harmony of the Amazon Forest, its diversity of plants and colours and its value for our planet’s well-being, we have come up with a “perfectly imperfect” print that combines the organic shapes of hand-made leaves that bring us closer to nature, providing calm and balance.

Thanks to this cheerful print with a messy and pictorial feel – a km0 product which has been tailored with 100% organic cotton, we defend the well-being provided by nature and its zen effect.


This print emerged on the catwalks in early 2019, it was seen on our streets this winter, and we reinterpret the trend in order to adapt it to the childcare sector, with more natural and balanced tones that combine perfectly well with different decoration styles.

Following the “less is more” motto, this collection allows to mix and match 5 plain colours for textiles and carrycot/crib accessories that combine or contrast perfectly well, depending on the audacity of each parent!


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