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New Winter 2020 Collection

20 September, 2019

Fun*das bcn presents its New Winter 2020 collection, with a Jardin de luxe and Japanese tradition as the key concepts for its exclusive collections.

Following the latest fashion shows of big-name brands such as Givenchy, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs, it was obvious to us that floral designs would be the predominant feature of the looks for this autumn/winter season.

Fun*das bcn brings prêt-à-porter trends to childcare products and every season offer customers the ultimate in style for adorning their baby or child gear (stroller, bouncer, car seat, high chair, etc.), designed in line with the latest fashion from the most prestigious and influential catwalks.

Fun*das bcn presents its Winter 2020 collection, paying tribute to bouquets, to those floral blooms that conjure up images of luxury, maxi dresses, romance, rebirth, love for detail and bright colors with its new prints: Midnight Forest, Curry Flower, and Autumn Garden.

With our custom-made stylish covers, you no longer have to wait months to personalize all your baby gear; they’re ready and waiting for you. Adorn your stroller, car seat, bouncer and other accessories and give them a totally unique and personal look.

We wanted to move away from generalized products so we started manufacturing textiles made from super soft cotton, specifically customized for each brand and model, thus achieving a perfect image and a comfortable and excellent fit for babies and kids.


The perfect fusion of design, practicality, and immediacy!


In this new Winter 2020 collection, Fun*das bcn also wants to promote another big fashion trend concept that we’ll see this season: Japan. With its minimalist and refined tradition and the hand embroidery that characterizes this great culture spanning thousands of years, Fun*das pays tribute to the traditional with its Sashiko print.

A set of four new, trendy and stylish prints that are sure to delight elegant and romantic mums and dads.

For its new Winter 2020 collection, Fun*das bcn has also incorporated some unique products into its home collection, which will enhance the look of any room in the home: fringed cushions, star-shaped cushions, a lightweight pouf with handles, and a hooded neck warmer lined with soft synthetic fur to face the winter with style.

But that’s not all. Fun*das bcn has yet another surprise in store for us. They’ve introduced a passion for velvet in their sleep bags for newborns. A triangular bag with a soft, micro-teddy interior for use with a carrycot, baby bed reducer or just as a cute swaddle blanket, which would make the perfect Christmas gift for sophisticated babies.


4 new prints join the existing 50 prints in the Fun*das catalog to cater for all tastes



Sashiko is a traditional form of Japanese embroidery. In the olden days, if a valuable piece of fabric was damaged or worn it would be patched up with several layers of cloth that was sewn stitch by stitch. At that time, it was a practical and clever way of preserving garments to avoid waste. Since then, the technique has evolved and now there are many different designs and colors, and it is great fun to make.

Fun*das bcn wanted to recover this tradition and to convey it through this geometric print steeped in history.



This strong print emanates energy and transports us to a forest with lush vegetation and little animals. Like an ancient fable, it evokes a place of fantasy, full of color, adventure, and autumnal aromas.



A host of flowers on a bright mustard background conjure up images of the French countryside to create a romantic, elegant and contemporary look. A touch of warmth, delicacy, and vitality to enjoy winter outdoors.



Autumn winds make the leaves dance and the gardens are filled with shades of red, pink, purple and brown, creating a romantic setting and reminding us that winter is on its way.



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