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Helen Lindes, the new Fun*das bcn face for our Summer ‘19 collection

14 March, 2019

Helen Lindes, the elegant and stunning international model, presenter, actress and mum, teams up with Fun*das bcn to present the summer 2019 collection.

Our new summer 19 collection will delight everybody with 4 new prints whose goal is to encourage our awareness about the important changes our world is demanding – environmental protection, respect for natural resources and the need to adopt a quieter life, in harmony with our and nature’s pace.

With these new daring prints, we prove we are capable of constantly reinventing themselves and leading with values that encourage observation, creativity, originality and the design of environmental-friendly products.

Besides adding new prints and increasing our collection of car seat and buggy covers, we are designing new products for your home in order to make your life easier with practical, soft and safe accessories for active and fashion-loving parents.

Do you want to know where our inspiration comes from? We tell you the story behind each new print:

Inspiracion verano 2019




An icon in the collective imagination of children that comes to life every year, besides being extinct, and appears in multiple creative shapes in tales, films, toys or textile products.

From the moment our little ones are born, these dinosaurs awe and take them on great imaginary adventures where they discover amazing worlds. While playing with them, they find out about our planet’s evolution and they learn to respect it.

On Fun*das bcn 2019 collection, these little dinosaurs will travel alongside our intrepid dreamers, recreating an image of the past that will help them understand how we’ve changed so they can build a more sustainable future.




We joining the awareness campaign about the huge problem of plastic waste in our oceans and the extinction of certain species by paying tribute to one of the smartest invertebrates in our seas.

Their great ability to change and adapt, as well as that immense curiosity that spreads through their tentacles, should be an example for the new generations, who thanks to their ability to adapt to the environment, sociability, kindred spirit and multitasking behaviour will be able to change the world and make it a nicer place.





We want to use this print to transfer a bit of that Caribbean flow into our lives, since in that corner of the world they know how to lead a quiet, settled down and sustainable life with no rush whatsoever.

We want to take you on a trip to the Caribbean so you enjoy the gifts of an exuberant nature and the joy of people dancing, singing and sharing their cheerful and chatty culture.

We propose this concept to the new urban families who are aware of the fact that their lives and their children’s lives deserve some quality time and sharing experiences that connects them with our nature.

This eye-catching print will take you on an imaginary trip to one of those wonderful islands with giant palm trees, white-sand beaches and turquoise waters so you can switch off for a while from your duties and enjoy your baby’s smile, your partner’s caring love or the tender look of your parents. Live slow.



A basic style that evokes our origins and wants to become the ambassador for the “mindfulness” concept.

Just a balanced stripe with natural tones and a steady pace. With no flashes or distractions. We wanted a solid and optimistic foundation in order to build a new life from the very first moment with no distortions – happy babies for a balanced future.



You can find the new prints and models www.fundas.com




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