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Second collaboration of Fun*das bcn and Mr. Wonderful: 1, 2 … here we go!

14 June, 2018

For the second consecutive year we have the privilege of having Mr. Wonderful as a special collaborator, and absolute protagonist, of our latest collection.

We could not have chosen better motive for the printing of this new collection than him, one of Mr. Wonderful’s most beautiful characters: we are so pleased to introduce  Mr. Panda to you all!


Your baby will have the funniest panda as a new adventure partner. The protagonist of the most wonder look of this season is already available on our website. We invite you to discover each and every one of the cool pieces of this exclusive collection, composed of 29 covers for different essentials of the baby.

In this adventure, along together with Mr. Wonderful, we decided to bet again for a gray tone in warm range, very wearable with any brand of trolleys and pushchairs brands that we work with. In this way, we risk once again with very cool unisex style , we guess for sure! The stars and the pandas of the print combine a very Mr. Wonderful look with the unmistakable designs of Fun*das bcn.




Our collection Mr. Panda also includes covers for many other accessories, besides to the trolleys and pushchairs, which will personalize each of the things in your baby’s kitchen with a very trendy outfit; from baby changing mats and baby towels to cot bumper and baby bouncer covers . Your little one and Mr. Panda will sleep together in any of them!




Here is a small preview as a gift for you to sweeten your eyesight. The result of the collaboration is spectacular, so you do not stay at the edge of the chair, we encourage you to take a short walk on our website and take a look at the collection.

Padded cover for Babyzen Yoyo ® Mr. Panda by Mr. Wonderful ®
Cover for Cybex Pallas y Solution M y M-Fix ® Mr. Panda by Mr. Wonderful ®
Cover for baby bouncer Babybjörn soft y bliss ® Mr. Panda by Mr. Wonderful ®
Padded cover for Bugaboo Caméleon 3 ® Mr. Panda by Mr. Wonderful ®



















This second year, we return to make this limited edition, with great enthusiasm, love and dedication in each of our confections and, of course, always spreading the good vibes. It is a true marvel to collaborate with a brand like Mr. Wonderful and to be able to share that ability to transmit, making each purchase something more than that and becoming a special connection between the Fun*das bcn team and each one of you.

Once again, thank you all!

Visit to Mr. Panda on our website: www.fundasbcn.com

Sheila Gonzalez

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