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Halloween, the most terrifying and fun night!

25 October, 2017

One of the scariest nights of the year is arriving, Halloween is celebrated the night of October 31.
From Fundas we recommend to you 5 Fun * activities to enjoy with the children:

1. Chocolate spider cookies

Create some magic in the kitchen this Halloween with these spooky chocolate spiders


  • Oreo cookies
  • black liquorice wheels

Prepare the chocolate spider cookies:

  • Open each biscuit in half and with a knife remove some little cream.
  • Unroll some of the liquorice wheels and cut in order to use as the Chocolate spiders’ legs.
  • Arrange eight liquorice legs on top, then sandwich with another cookie
  • With the cream that we have removed from the interior of the cookie we make two balls for the eyes of the spider, we place them on the cookie and with two pieces of liquorice we make the pupils of the spiders.

We already have cookies ready for Halloween!

FROM: Directo al paladar

2. Halloween costumes

Could you imagine Halloween without costumes? You can disguise the children of bats, vampires, witches, ghosts, etc. and vote the most terrifying costume of all!

FROM: Pinterest

3. Decorate your pumpkin

Could you imagine Halloween without pumpkins? It can be a fun time if you decorate the pumpkins with the children. There are multiple options to do it!

FROM: www.parents.com

4. Halloween balloons

A party is not a party without the balloons, you can paint orange or yellow balloons with scary faces.

FROM: pinterest


5. Create their inseparable Halloween friend

You can create their own bat, as simple as recycling a roll of toilet paper, fold a little the paper roll up, cut two wings on black cardboard and paint the face.

FUENTE: pinterest


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¿Trick or treat?


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