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Why put covers on your baby car seats? We give you 7 reasons

16 May, 2017

Using Fun*das’ car seat covers will grant us 7 benefits:

  1. They prolong the seat’s life span. They protect the upholstery from wear and stains.
  2. They provide a safe and smooth sitting.
  3. They are skin friendly – suitable for your baby’s skin, thanks to the cotton natural fibres.
  4. They are breathable – cotton absorbs sweat better than polyester in baby car seats.
  5. They are easily removable. Thanks to the covers, we avoid disassembling the original upholstery of the child retention system if we want to clean it, since we just touch the cotton cover. This avoids subsequent mistakes when assembling the seat’s covering that might affect the passenger’s safety.
  6. They allow machine washing at 30 degrees.
  7. They add a personal touch and aesthetics to the vehicle’s interior.


There are 4 profiles of different parents with specific purchase needs, according to a study edited by the AEI (Childhood Innovative Companies Association), coordinated by Asepri and developed by AIJU’s (Technological Institute of Leisure and Children’s products) technicians.

  • Active Parenting refers to those parents who claim upbringing is a unique experience. They value and take into account different upbringing theories and methodologies, they are very active online and become great opinion leaders within their communities.
  • Fashion Parenting – fashion is a part of their lifestyle, a behaviour that extends to everything that’s related with their children’s world. This parent profile follows well-established upbringing models in our society through the advice of relatives, specialised media and brands.
  • Rational Parenting refers to urban parents who have postponed parenthood until they reach an economic stability. They are more practical and thoughtful parents who choose balance without leaving their professional career aside. This maturity leads them to select products both from the aesthetic and from the functional point of view.
  • Techno Parenting refers to parents who use technology as an ally in their children’s upbringing. They simplify their parenting labour with apps, last generation products for babies and the latest designs and materials.


Fun*das wants to reach all kinds of new parents by offering a 24h purchase service through our online store, as well as through our multi-brand physical stores, and maintaining our high activity providing information in social networks. Additionally, we try to design and manufacture practical and aesthetic products at the same time – we do Smart shopping, we provide the customer with information the same way we would like information to be provided to us, while always being aware of where and how the apparel that caresses our babies is manufactured. Similarly, we also try to make our designs as unisex as possible while transpiring design and simplicity, and especially we want them to be useful and practical.


Fun*das bcn car seat covers:





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