Fun walls

20 October, 2016

You want your baby’s bedroom to catch their attention and stimulate their creativity. Finding original accessories can sometimes be difficult but we have some great ideas to help you create the perfect bedroom.

Decorating the walls open up many creative options.

The first idea that comes to mind are stickers, posters or wall paper. When deciding which one to pick, think about your child’s personality.

Some examples can be: a poster of his favourite cartoon, a beautiful landscape or bright and fun colours.


paredes-originales-04 paredes-originales-05

We also love the option of painting the wall with chalkboard paint. Your kid’s unique drawings are the best decoration. Keep in mind that a black coloured wall can make your bedroom look smaller.

paredes-originales-07 paredes-originales-03 paredes-originales-06

You can also create an original wall using different colours and shapes: dots, geometric shapes, lines…

paredes-originales-01 paredes-originales-08

There are many options to personalize your baby’s bedroom. Think about what your kid might like, get inspired and be creative!



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