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Who said that going back to school was hard?

20 September, 2016

As we get ready to say goodbye to the lazy days of summer, it’s time to turn our attention to the new school year. It’s time to go shopping for school books, uniforms, sportswear, socks and agendas… It seems like the shopping list never ends!

To help you not to miss anything, we have prepared a selection of practical and modern accessories. Get ready for a back to school in style!

Did you just dig out your kid’s backpack and you are shocked by how worn it looks? We have the perfect solution. The French Brand Bakker made with love has a beautiful collection of school backpacks.

mochila guarde


Designed with several pockets and enough room for all your kid’s books and notebooks, these backpacks are very practical. They are handmade in Bali with bright colours and beautiful prints.  You will love these timeless retro style backpacks!


With its big eyes, this fish shaped eraser will keep an eye out for all your kid’s mistakes. Add a bit of fun to doing homework with these cool pencil toppers. Your kids will love them!

To keep your kid’s lunch or snacks we have the cutest bag. Forget plastic bags and aluminium foil and start taking care of our planet.  For practical and trendy mums!


Which after school activities are going to sign up your kids this year? Team sports like handball or basketball help children develop teamwork, competition and friendship. On the other hand, individual sports such as swimming or athletics are perfect to learn to improve daily and be perseverant.  Creative activities and language classes are also activities that help your kids develop new skills.   To help you keep everything organized we recommend these waterproof bags by Fun*das bcn. Perfect to keep their sportswear or Spanish notebooks. Practical and stylish!



Autumn is the time of the year when your kid might get a cold and their immune system is weak. Besides a healthy diet, it is important to keep your little ones warm. This fun and practical poncho is perfect to bring with you at the swimming pool. Easy to keep folded in the backpack.


Bandanas are a great way to protect your kid’s neck at all times. Let’s be honest, scarves can be uncomfortable when your kid plays at school. That is why they are often left in the classroom.


The fleece Teddy bandanas by Fun*das bcn are super soft and warm.  An essential accessory for this season.

For cool kids, Fun*das bcn has created a sweatshirt with grey metallic colours. Dress up your little ones with the fashion colour this season! It will be soon available in our website!


Muy pronto en nuestra web

Sonatina is an Italian shoe maker that designs beautiful ballerinas. Easy to combine with leggings or dresses.

We wish you a great back to school season!


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