Mousepad DIY Tutorial

1 August, 2016

Do you have some scraps of fabric that you love and that you would like to use to make something practical, easy and beautiful? Then, this DIY tutorial is perfect for you!

In this tutorial we will explain step by step how to make a mousepad for your desk with your favourite fabric and other materials very easy to get. Transform your mousepad under 5 minutes (it doesn’t include drying time).

Are you ready? Here we go!

How to make a mouse pad:

The materials you need are :


Step by step guide:

1) Using a pencil, mark your liner and the fabric in the size you want your mousepad. You can get creative and try different shapes (rectangular, square or round). In our case we made a circle of 22 cms in diameter.


2) Cut the piece with a pair of scissors or cutter.


3) Grab a brush and cover the surface with a thin layer of modpodge. It is important to cover the whole surface in a thin even layer.

If not done properly, the mousepad won’t be smooth and you will have to start again. Another important issue is to make sure the glue is spread around the outer edge of the liner because you want the fabric to stay put.

diy-mouse-pad4) Gently, place the fabric over the liner and smooth it repeatedly with the palm of your hand to get rid of any wrinkles.

Let it dry as much time as indicated by the manufacturer. If necessary, put weights on the corners of the pad to add pressure until it dries.


5) Once it’s completely dry, turn it around and trim the edges using scissors. Be careful not to cut the liner.

The most important part of this step is not to stretch the fabric.


Now, you’re all done! See how thin and sleek it is?

Are you ready to use it?

By Cosas Molonas


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