Now, I’m a mum

18 May, 2016

How has your life changed since you have kids?

In my case, I think the biggest change has been an internal one, the revolution of being a mum. I have rediscovered feelings and emotions that were hidden and I’ve had to re-learn and re-discover life through the eyes of my kids. Currently, one of my priorities is to invest time in my personal development.

And in the professional arena, has there been any changes?

After becoming a mum, I started to work from home because it was easier for breastfeeding. It was a change in my work flexibility, although I can’t really complain as I had a “European working schedule”.

Through social media I’ve had the opportunity to reconnect with friends and new projects were born. I have created Kiva Magazine, a digital magazine that I’ve wanted to create for some time now.

Your favourite moment during the day:

Half morning, when everyone is out and I can sip my coffee without being rushed…

Who would you have dinner with if you had a chance?

With Asier Etxandia. I recently saw the movie El Intérprete and I loved it.

When you have some time for you, what do like to do?

I like to spend time with my friends.  And going to the theatre is one of my passions.

Your next trip will be…
Maybe to Portugal, as we’ve never been there. And if not, a weekend to the South, to see the sea.

What do you understand for comfort?

Currently, work flexibility.

Suggest a toast for…

Consciousness. Something that disrupts me and makes me grow at the same time. And for those amazing dads, who are behind our blogs and projects and helps us to have a bit more time.

With which colours you identify yourself? 

For my house, I like white and natural colours. To dress, I love dark blue.

If you had to interview another mother, who would you suggest?
Difficult decision… there are many! Maybe Cris Saraldi, from Froggies. Someone I enjoy spending time with and I always learn a lot from her.


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