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DIY: Figures and colours

18 May, 2016

This is a game for the little explorers in your house. Simple and easy to do and loads of fun.

Helps to stimulate children’s psychomotor development by having to insert all figures in the  coloured felt. At the same they improve agility in their hands by using the buttons.



– Coloured felt

– Scissors

– 2 buttons

– Needle and thread


Step by Step guide: 
1- Sew the two buttons, one on each end of the tape .

2- Cut the colour figures. I’ve cut 3 pieces of each (I’ve used serrated scissors, which gives them a better look, in my opinion)

3- Fold the figures in half and make a little slot in the middle, wide enough for the button to go through it .

4- We already have our game ready: the game’s goal is to move all figures through the button (they learn to catch the button). Children also learn to use different shapes and colours. It’s also  a good game to keep them focused.

What I like the most about this game is that is doesn’t take much space and you can keep it in a bag and carry it with you at all times.

I hope you give it a try.

By Vanessa Rayo



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  • Laura Rodríguez Fortuny Reply

    18 May, 2016 at 23:08

    Why is it this post in English?? I found it very interesting and a great way to practice this beautiful language!!
    I’ll give a try to this game, the think I most like is that it doesn’t need much room to keep it, which is perfect because I hate seeing things all around the house.. There is only a thing I will not be able to do properly: to sew! I am sobad at it… I don’t think I have good fine motor skills but I will take advantatge of my granny this weekend that I’ll go to visit her .
    Nice blog, nice posts and, above all, nice company. I absoluteñy love all your products! I didn’t know (until today) that you also had a blog. Congrats for everything!
    Espero que me tengáis en cuenta para el sorteo, aunque sea in English! Había que currárselo un poco, no??

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